Fluid Flush Services in Cullman, AL

Brake Flush | Coolant Flush | Transmission Flush

Almost all of the systems in your vehicle run on fluids to keep components clean and cool. It is important to have those fluids regularly inspected. If the chamber or the fluid is dirty, a fluid flush is recommended to clean the system and replace the oil fluid with new, clean fluid. Here at Guthrie's Auto Service in Cullman, AL, we are your source for professional fluid flush services to keep your vehicle running at its best. At our family-owned and operated repair shop, we proudly work on all makes and models of vehicles and employ ASE-certified technicians who can perform quality maintenance up to factory standards.

Brake Flush

Some of your vehicle’s most important fluids include the brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. The brake fluid is hydraulic and is designed to turn the force of your foot stepping on the brake pedal and turning it into the pressure needed to get your brakes working. With leaking or contaminated brake fluid, you’ll find that your brake pedal feels soft or spongy or that your brakes aren’t as efficient as they used to be. A brake fluid flush will clean out the brake lines and put new fluid back into the system to restore your brakes.

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Coolant Flush

Coolant is also crucial to the operation of your vehicle, ensuring that your engine is protected from overheating. The cooling system keeps the engine running at optimal temperature, and coolant is one of the main components of this system. A coolant leak or dirty coolant can quickly lead to an overheating engine, which can lead to part damage and repairs. We can check for coolant leaks or perform a coolant flush to clean out the system and get clean coolant running through the engine again.

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Transmission Flush

The transmission fluid is another critical fluid within your vehicle that is needed to lubricate transmission parts, which helps to prevent metal-to-metal contact, part damage, and overheating. Dirty transmission fluid can make it difficult for gears to turn, and can eventually cause gear damage if ignored. A transmission fluid flush is recommended if the fluid is very dirty and is affecting the operation of your transmission overall.

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When you need a vehicle fluid flush in Cullman, AL, look no further than the professionals here at Guthrie’s Auto Service. Call us or schedule an appointment online today!