5 Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore


Automobiles, if healthy, should not make any apparent noises. Whenever it does make an unusual sound, most drivers notice it right away. However, it can be challenging for the average person to figure out what is causing the noise. You can make guesses or assumptions based on what sounds like and where the noise originates from. To keep you and your loved ones safe, you should learn to pick out these sounds and get the necessary repairs to get rid of them. Below are some strange vehicle sounds you should never overlook:

High Pitched Screeching 

Screeching, scraping, and squealing when applying pressure to the brakes are apparent signs of old brake pads. You should immediately take your car in for brake service, or else your brakes could fail. 

Popping Sound from Exhaust

Popping noises or a generally loud exhaust system is a sign of poor performance. The loud pops are usually due to exhaust leaks, primarily from the fuel injector. However, a more resounding roar may be due to punctures. Either way, you should have your exhaust parts repaired ASAP to avoid poor fuel consumption and emissions.

Hissing from the Engine

A hissing sound coming from the motor can mean that your engine is on the brink of overheating, or you can have an exhaust/catalytic converter issue. Either way, both are detrimental to your vehicle, and you should seek repair immediately. 

Continuous Ticking

When a bearing in your vehicle fails, it will usually provoke a ticking sound. This problem needs immediate attention as it can signify a worn-out engine.

Not every car may be a sign of car troubles; However, to be 100% certain, please take your vehicle to a trusted repair shop for an inspection. We can assist you with all your vehicle needs at Guthrie's Auto Service Inc.