5 Symptoms You Need a Wheel Alignment

Over time, your car can hit bumps, potholes, and other obstacles that may cause its wheels to go out of alignment. Proper wheel alignment is essential to keep your tires and other auto components in good condition. Otherwise, you may have to replace your tires a lot sooner than you think.


Wheel alignment problems can be caused by many things. Besides the examples we’ve mentioned so far, excessive or harsh braking can cause alignment issues. Sometimes the wear and tear of your shocks, struts, or springs can lead to misaligned wheels. Additionally, wrong modifications can also mess up your wheel’s alignment.


What Are the Symptoms of Poor Alignment?

  • Drifting to one side when driving straight – While you're driving on a straight road, your car should drive straight even if you take your hands off the wheel. However, if your car drifts left or right, your car definitely needs alignment. Please have this checked ASAP, as it can cause accidents down the line.
  • Vehicle has uneven tire wear – If you notice that certain tires on your vehicle are more worn than the rest, it may indicate you have misaligned wheels. When you bring your car to us, we can check your tread depth and alignment.
  • Squealing tires – Sometimes, misaligned tires can squeak or squeal whenever you accelerate. This is partially due to the uneven tires too.
  • Loose and uneven steering wheel – The steering wheel of your car may feel loose, unstable, or hard to control. It may be hard to grip, so you may have to make your grip more firm to maneuver your car. This can present many hazards if you continue to drive, so please go to our auto repair shop for a wheel alignment soon.

Wheel misalignment is a simple issue to fix, so you have no excuse to put it off. Waiting too long to correct your wheel’s angles can lead to costly repairs and significant tire wear. If you happen to notice any of the warning symptoms above, please do not hesitate to come by Guthrie’s Auto Service Inc. for service.