Must-Have Items to Organize Your Cabin and Trunk Space

Backseat Storage

Most of us are tempted to throw everything in our backseats or trunk without even thinking, and before you know it, the junk starts to pile up collectively. Next thing you know, you are at the grocery store struggling to fit your grocery bags in. Though the careless habit may not be a problem at first, it can be pretty uncomfortable. An overcrowded car can also significantly lower your fuel efficiency. So please clean and out, throw out what you don't need, and organize the things that you do need. Here are some of our must-have organizational items that may help tidy up your car!

Trunk Nets - Some trunks come equipped with a net or hooks to help with storing random items. If your car, SUV, or truck did not come with one of these nets, you're open to buying and installing one for your convenience. This will make sure certain items don't go sliding around your trunk when you hit those hard turns.

Collapsible Bins - These flexible, fabric storage bins are easy to manage and clean. The best part is that they can be reduced down so as not to take up space when you aren't using them. 

Trunk or Backseat Organizers - There are a variety of backseat and trunk organizers that have a similar function to the bins mentioned above. They are suitable if you have fragile items that need to be separated and sorted. These organizers are often made of durable materials, and some may even have heating/cooling properties to keep food items hot or cold. 

Bubble Wrap - Though bubble wrap doesn't directly contribute to car organization, it would be nice to keep a roll of this in your car. It can be convenient if you ever need to carry fragile items, such as glass. The bubble wrap will serve as an extra layer of protection and a mess from happening.

Totes - A caddy tote is ideal for storing in the back seat and is fantastic if you have kiddos in the back seat. Totes are easy to lug around and are available to hand and grab within arm's reach.

Packing and organizing your car doesn't have to be a chore because it truly does pay off. If you don't want to waste extra time constantly moving stuff around in your car, the items listed above will significantly help make your life a lot easier. Plus, who doesn't love stepping into an organized, clean car?

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