What Does the Alternator Do For My Car?

Imagine you're driving at night with your headlights on, radio blasted, rolled-down windows, and phone plugged in. All of those things are being run because of the alternator. While most people think the battery is doing the work, it is the alternator that is responsible for resupplying your battery with power. 


What Does the Alternator Do?

In other words, the alternator is in charge of keeping your car battery alive while your engine is running. It is responsible for delivering power to all your vehicle's electrical components, including your car lights, power windows, windshield wipers, dashboard, seat heaters, etc.

The alternator works by transforming mechanical energy to electrical energy. As long as the drive belt pully turns, your alternator will be up and running.


Signs You Need Alternator Repair

Even though alternators are meant to last a long time, accidents can happen. General wear and tear, misuse, heat damage, faulty wiring can occur to put your alternator out of work. When your alternator has been damaged, you can count on not being able to start your car soon after that.

Besides not problems with car starting, here are some signs that your alternator is failing:

  • Engine stalling
  • Dim or flickering lights
  • Dead battery
  • Malfunctioning accessories
  • Growling sounds coming from under the hood
  • Burning smell
  • Electrical warning light lit up on dash

Electrical difficulties with your vehicle can be extremely frustrating because it can be difficult to differentiate whether the issue is with your battery, alternator, or both. While you can look for the signs above, it's hard to be certain.'


Please bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop if you suspect your alternator needs repairs. Our technicians will pinpoint your electrical problem and make the necessary repairs to have your car up and running again. Give Gurthrie's Auto Service Inc a call or visit today.