What Is My Vehicle's Temperature Gauge Trying to Tell Me?

Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge in your vehicle is intended to estimate the temperature of your engine's coolant. This scale will give you insight into whether your engine's coolant is cold, regular, or hot (overheating). It is a small dial located on the dashboard of your vehicle, and you should probably start paying more attention to it.

Reasons The Temperature Gauge Reads Hot

If the temperature gauge is approaching high, this may mean your vehicle is overheating. Another cause of an "H" reading is if you have a coolant leak somewhere in your car. A small puncture or evaporation may cause your vehicle to lose a significant amount of coolant. It can also be a broken water pump or gasket leak. Nevertheless, there is always a possible chance that the thermometer is broken and giving you an inaccurate reading. If this is the scenario, you may require a tech to replace your coolant temperature switch. Regardless of the issue, it would be best if you had a professional accurately diagnose the problem.

Reasons The Temperature Gauge Reads Cold

On most vehicles, the temperature gauge will naturally read cold until the engine has been running for a couple of minutes. If the engine has been up and running for a while and the temperature is still reading cold, the temperature gauge may just be malfunctioning. Another reason behind a low reading is if the thermostat in the vehicle stays open. With the thermostat held open, the engine can be overcooled, prompting a low-temperature reading. If this is the situation, you may have to get the thermostat replaced.

What to Do If Your Temperature Gauge Reads Hot

A high-temperature reading is much more of a cause for concern than a cold temperature reading. If your needle is approaching high, there's a good possibility that your vehicle is overheating. You should never overlook a high coolant temperature. Instead, we urge you to stop driving your car immediately to inspect things under your hood. Once the vehicle is cooled, take your vehicle to a mechanic right away so they can repair the problem. Please get in touch with Guthrie's Auto Service if the temperature gauge in your car reads too high.