What to Carry in Your Trunk This Winter

Snow Gear

During winter, the weather becomes snowy, and icy, increasing the likelihood of accidents. So, it is crucial to stock a few essentials in your car trunk to prepare for anything the winter weather will send on your way.

8 Things You Must Include in Your Trunk

Portable phone charger

Keep a phone charger or battery or the power bank in your car before heading out. If the car breaks down, or you engage in an accident, this will enable you to ask for help.

Foldable shovel

The collapsible shovel is a perfect item to keep in your car trunk because it collapses down, taking little space when you do not need it. The shovel will help you remove snow and get your car out of a snowbank.

Ice scrapers

Before heading out, ensure you have a scraper in your car trunk. These items will help you remove snow and ice from your car windows, so you can increase your visibility before hitting the road.

Kitty litter or sand

In icy and snowy driving weather, kitty litter or a sandbag are essential items. They help to give your tires better traction. Apply these items beneath your tires to unstuck them from snow.

Non-perishable snacks and bottled water

If you get stranded, you need food and water for your survival. Ensure to stock your car trunk with food staff with longer shelf life and bottled water that you will use until you find help.

Winter clothing and blankets

Stock your car trunk with blankets or sleeping bags to help keep your temperature up. Pack enough winter changing clothes to use after your clothes gets wet and filthy. Do not forget the winter boots.

First aid kit

These will help you clean and dress minor injuries in the event of an accident before calling for help.


A flashlight helps signal passing vehicles when you need help or when you must walk alone in the dark to find help. Get wind-up flashlights for yourself during winter.

As you prepare for winter, you should have your car checked by an expert mechanic. Are you in need to get your vehicle ready for winter? You are invited to bring your vehicle to Guthrie's Auto Service Inc today!