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Brake Repair & Service in Cullman, AL

Your vehicle’s brake system is important to your vehicle’s safety on the road. You need your brakes to work at their best in order to slow down to stop when you need to, and a brake problem can put you at risk while driving. Here at Guthrie's Auto Service in Cullman, AL, we are the professional choice in the area when you need brake repair or service. We proudly work on all makes and models of vehicles and staff highly skilled ASE-certified technicians who can fix any braking problem at hand.

Brake Maintenance & Inspections

The best way to prevent unexpected brake issues from occurring is with regular brake maintenance and inspections. Here at our brake repair shop, we help you keep track of when you’re due for a brake inspection and take care of any maintenance needed. A small issue can progress quickly, so taking care of minor concerns periodically can keep your brakes running at their best.

Being aware of how your vehicle’s brakes perform can help you identify when you may have an issue.

Top 6 Signs You Need Your Brakes Serviced

  1. "Spongy”brake pedal
  2. Brake pedal is hard to press
  3. Brake system warning light is on
  4. Takes longer to slow or stop than normal
  5. Squealing or grinding noises when braking
  6. Vehicle pulls to one side or vibrates when braking

Schedule Brake Service

As soon as you notice any of the warning signs listed above, we invite you to our professionals for an inspection. Since your vehicle’s brakes are constantly enduring heat and pressure, certain parts will wear down over time and you’ll need a brake replacement. Our experts will perform a full brake system inspection to correctly pinpoint the issue and determine what repairs or services are needed to get you back on the road with a safe vehicle.

When you need brake repair in Cullman, AL, bring your vehicle into the trusted choice in the area here at Guthrie's Auto Service. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!